R: The first Paisley design was based on the idea that to help find your own voice and style, you often have to start off looking and sounding like a lot of other people - and that is ok; a thought itself inspired by a commencement speech given by the famous fiction writer Neil Gaiman at the University of Arts a few years ago

Whilst we were thinking about this, we have found to express yourself and widen your experiences in equal measure to be really helpful. Yes, share your take but also be active in learning about things you don't know, ensuring you have a broad set of experiences and get used to looking at what you have created and shared and thinking "What about this do I like?" and as importantly "What about this is rubbish and not worth repeating?". 

This combination means you will always be powerfully iterating, experimenting with and developing your style and one day you will find the manifestation of your true voice - a large part of the unique gift you get to share with the world.