R: This print started with an idea. Listening to Kanye West interview with a French Magazine, he mentioned that... 

"It's crazy that we live in a world that if you are super positive and super creative, that it's scary. So what does that tell you about the mentality of most people?"

The print itself then explores this idea. It features this repeating pattern, with a empty grey area outside of it. The grey area represents how that anything that has been created was once nothing; intangible, a real idea but not yet in real life. 

The jagged lines going from the grey area onto the pattern represents the scared part of Kanyes quote – peoples skepticism, close-mindedness and or belligerence which, whether they mean to in the moment or not, is disrupting the creativity on display.


The rings inside in the middle, shining and exuding this glow, represents naturally and honestly expressed creativity and positivity. They are protecting the creativity that has gone into make the repeating pattern, and trying to impact the skepticism, not by stigmatising it or vilifying it or by causing a conflict, but through organic inspiration i.e. simply knowing what we believe in, naturally making it present through everything we do and being able to explain why and how if asked.