R: This print started with a book called 'Ski Actuel' - an old ladybird type book with french ski instruction inside from the 1930's.

Spotting it one day, I was curious as to what ‘Actuel’ meant in French so I looked it up and it turns out it means ‘Current, Present Day’, and obviously sounds very much like the word ‘actual’.

This immediately made me think about how we can easily become obsessed with what is ‘Actuel’ - viral videos, the latest tech, app, certain news channels, certain people on instagram, certain girls/boys on tinder - everything has become very short term and superfluous and selfish.

These things can be so temporary and often don’t go on to affect anyone in a lasting positive way as they don't engender self-assurance, or creativity, or honesty -  they just reflect the consumption of stuff through channels designed to monopolise your time. 

Ultimately, I think it is possible to do really cool stuff in areas that we think of as more 'actuel', and make it really ‘actual’ by nurturing it with a tonne of substance and giving it the opportunity to have the end result touch peoples lives in this tangible, actionable and lastingly positive way.