What's in the Print
1. Red Jersey Roses

R: I work in ice hockey and would often see action shots from games and spot how the jerseys fly and fold because of the forces being exerted by the players and wondered if this had ever been captured in any way artistically.

To do so, we then took pictures of flowers with a nice shape and petal distribution, created an outline template from it and started to fill each section with a chunk of jersey. We picked the classic sports red of my favourite team, the Detroit Red Wings. 

Also, my experience in ice hockey, coaching and sport has played a big role in nurturing my own and understanding of what it means to have character so to include a hockey element channels that spirit. 

2. Jersey Leaf
Continuing the jersey aesthetic, we took segments from the Minnesota Wild's alternate as inspiration for the deep green colour. 

You may notice that none of the jersey leaves/vines are touching. This is a another conscious choice and related to the third element of the design

3. Subtle joining trails
This element of the design is a subtle reflection of one of the ideas I write about - that as human beings, we are all 99.9% genetically identical and are as such intimately aware of what we all feel as a product of the human experience. But sadly this fact is seldom understood and as such scarcely acted upon so this is represented by the vines/leaves reaching out towards each other but not quite touching, and also how they hide the connected 7 flower pattern. (7 Flowers referring to the 7 continents). 

4. Knit Interpretation Base
There is an amazing gallery/museum in London called the Victoria & Albert Museum. One day, I was wandering round the India section , looking at the big wall hangings and tapestries. Upon looking closely at one of them, I saw how the weave, and the thread had caused a regulating pattern of shape and shadow, and wondered whether anyone had tried to reflect that in a pattern before. This is what forms the bluey/purple base of the scarf.